The realisation of this project would not have been possible without the combined efforts, technical assistance and financial contributions of numerous individuals.

Those interviews, the Youtube page and this website would not have been possible without the generous financial contributions from many friends of the GATT and WTO community in several continents. Among them :

Abate, Antonino
Barrot, Jacques
Barthollet, Nicolas
Bayle, Jules
Bourgeois, Jacques
Bronckers, Marco
Coste, Vincent
Couniniotis, Yannis
Crosby, Daniel, Barbara
Davoudi, Léonardo
de Gouvion St Cyr, Laurent, Marie-Hélène
de Stampa, Patrick, Francine
Falkenberg, Karl, Angelika
Fourny, Patrick, Hélène, Alexandre
Garcia-Bercero, Ignacio
Goyer-Rozanes, René, Claire
He, Nong, Wang Qing, Liou
Idil, Umit, Catherine, Céline
Jouanjean, Hervé, Martine
Lafaye de Micheaux, Philippe
, Thi My Dzung
Leleu, Stéphane
Loustau, Suzanne
Madelin, Robert, Marie-Christine
Magnus, John
Mossu, Laurent
Ngô, Kim Dông
Nguyên, Ngoc Son
Pavy, Pierre, Myriam
Peretti-Polat, Graziella
Petris, Richard
Ramadier, Paul, France
Rizkallah, Walid, Julie
Rueda-Caballero, Salvador, Celia
Scheele, Jonathan, Sarah
Smets, Roeland
Sorensen, Benny Berg
Steel, Piet, Carine
Trân, Thach Lan, Françoise,Valérie, Olivier, Christophe
Trân, Thi Trâm
Vermulst, Edwin
Wasesha-Trân, Luzius, Thu Lang
Wilson, Bruce


Thanks also to OMC/WTO, China-Europa Forum, Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme, Gides & Associates, Pernod-Ricard, Rongead, Whiteford, Taylor and Preston, Lawyers.

This project would not have been possible without the additional assistance of several colleagues and friends all over the world. To name just of few of them:

Mikella Hurley in Geneva
Bassant Al Attar in Cambridge
Shweta Bajaj in Delhi
Judith Fehevari in Washington
Julie Pain, Inger Bauer, Sandra Dondenne, Valerie Hughes, Keith Rockwell, Steve Cooper in Geneva
Brigitte, Paul Trân in Brussels
Shuo Yu, Yannong Zheng, Li Bai, Danni Lai in Beijing.
Dale Wiehoff in Mineapolis

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) in Minneapolis.

Very Special Thanks are due, in particular, to the individuals who helped to conduct the interviews on location, in five different continents. They are:

Ambassador and Appellate Body Member Shotaro Oshima, who interviewed Ambassador Hatano in Tokyo, Japan;
WTO Deputy Director General Harsha Singh, who Interviewed Ambassador Zutschi in Jaipur, India and Ambassador Das in Geneva;
Deputy Chief of Staff Victor do Prado, who interviewed Mr. Sutherland in Geneva and assisted us with the interviews of Ambassadors Lampreia, Ricupero and Lafer;
Mr Kazumochi Kometani, who interviewed Ambassador Endo in Tokyo, Japan;
Ms Fleur Thompson, who interviewed Minister Groser in Auckland, New Zealand;
Professor Vera Thorstensen, who interviewed Ambassador Lampreia in Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Mr Bruce Wilson, who interviewed Ambassador Samuels in Washington, United States;
Dr Shuo YU and Ms Li BAI who worked on the realisation of the interview of Minister Long Yongtu in Beijin, China
Mr Quang Minh, who interviewed Vice Premier Nguyên Manh Câm, Ambassador Ngô Quang Xuân and Ambassador Phan Thuy Thanh in Hanoi, Vietnam;
Mr Joseph Rocher, who interviewed ex French Prime Minister Rocard, K. Falkenberg, H. Jouanjean, R. Madelin, B B. et P. Ramadier..

Special thanks to those who provided technical and audio-visual assistance, including:
Mr Jean-Phillippe Uldry, who served as cameraman in Geneva , and provided technical expertise and advice;
Mr Mathieu Quehen, who also served as cameraman and editor in Geneva, and provided technical expertise and advice;
Mr Pierre Steene and Mr Mathieu Rasse, in Paris, for their creative work on website design and implementation; and finally,
Ms Mikella Hurley, in Geneva, who worked endlessly on the related Youtube page and on this website.Thanks also go to the cameramen on location, including:
Daniel Vitalis Galano in Sao Paulo in Brazil;
Sharat Kumar in Jaipur in India;
Laurent Benchana in Tokyo in Japan;
Daniel Breton in Rimouski in Canada;
Shaoyang Fan in Beijing in China;
Richard Feather in Washington in the United States;
Thierry Leclercq in Brussels in Belgium;
Pat Murray in Auckland in New Zealand;
Sébastien Trân in Paris, France;
Shaoyang Fan in Beijin in China; and
Quang Vinh in Hanoi in Vietnam.