This project was initiated by Gabrielle Marceau, and was realized with the support of a team of students, young professionals and volunteers who are committed to sharing the history of the WTO, and encouraging debate on issues of importance for the international trading order.

Gabrielle Marceau is an international trade law expert with a distinguished career at the WTO Secretariat, which she joined in 1994. She currently serves as Counsellor in the Legal Affairs Division. From 2005 to 2010 she served as legal advisor in the Cabinet of Director-General Pascal Lamy, . She is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Geneva and at the Graduate Institute for International Development Studies (IHEID); she also teaches in other institutions. Professor Marceau is a prolific scholar, as the author of several books, articles and essays in the fields of WTO law and international economic law.

Jean-Phillippe Uldry, served as a cameraman in Geneva but he also provided media and general advice for both this website and the clips on the YouTube page. Mathieu Quehen, also served as cameraman in Geneva and he edited each interview. From Paris, Pierre Steene and Mathieu Rasse, created the website and ensured its operation. Finally, Bassant El Attar and Mikella Hurley, my assistants in Geneva, created the related YouTube page and edited videos for both the YouTube page and this website.
This project started as a tribute to Ambassador Trân Van Thinh Paul through interviews of people who worked with him: fellow ambassadors, chief negotiators, ministers, colleagues and others. The questions used during those interviews can be found below. As more and more participants came forward to be interviewed, it became clear that we were dealing with an extraordinary opportunity. While these individuals offered rich accounts of Paul Trân’s work, and the mark he left on Europe and the multilateral trading order, they also shared their thoughts and visions of multilateralism that paved the way for today’s WTO. As a result, we decided to enlarge the circle of interviewees and expand the objectives of the original project. We hope that this initiative continues as an evolving electronic library comprising experts’ comments and observations on the WTO and its multilateral trading system.